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Small Business Services

If you’re like most small business owners, you know your business inside and out. You’re a doer—you get things done, day after day, year after year. It’s what you’re good at and why you’re successful. But if you’re like many small business owners, you may not feel you have the time or expertise to do your own long-term financial planning. It’s easy in the daily demand of a small business to put off crucial, long-term financial planning until things “settle down.” Before you know it you’re five or 10 years down the road and things still haven’t “settled down.” Those are years that could have been working for you both in the short term and long term.

We can help. Whether yours is a new or a mature business, our team of professionals has the experience, expertise, and tools to help you plan your future. While you’re working hard on your immediate business goals, we’ll be working hard on your long-term financial goals. We’ll help you gain peace of mind about your future so you can focus on the demands of the present. Specifically we can help you with the following:

Executive Benefits Planning

  • Profit sharing programs whether you are a sole proprietor or a large employer
  • Custom design elective and supplemental deferred compensation plans for only key employees
  • Design bonus plans to benefit key employees
  • Supplemental health and wellness benefits
  • Key Person protection plans

Employee Benefits

Custom-designed health and wellness insurance strategies

Comprehensive employee benefits and health insurance programs have never been more important to attract and retain top talent. Health Care Reform has complicated benefit administration and stretched employer groups due to all the mandates and compliance requirements currently in place. High rate increases are challenging companies, employees, and their families to afford coverage long term. Plenty of licensed agents are willing to sell you a group health insurance policy, but there are few consultants who really understand the complexities of the industry and that go beyond offering the standard solutions presented by traditional agents.

If you are willing to invest in your employees, you should partner with a consultant that has the expertise and relationships to design and negotiate the best long-term plan for your business. CBS’s size and expertise gives them leverage to negotiate the best terms and coverage available for your company, both locally and nationally. Our alliance with Cambridge Benefits Solutions gives you access to one of the largest general health insurance consultant firms in the United States with a “Best in Class” rating among its peers. With CBS, you will receive custom-designed solutions and strategies unique to you and cutting edge in the marketplace. For a more complete review of CBS, click here.

Company Retirement Plans

As a business owner, employer-sponsored plans are one of the simplest ways to build your retirement savings. They are also an effective way to give peace of mind to employees and attract new talent to your organization.

Often, the difficult question isn’t whether to start a retirement plan, but how to choose the one that works the best with your company.

Whether you are a professional trying to maximize your own tax deductions and wealth accumulation, a large employer trying to take care of your employees, or somewhere in-between you have options. Each has its own benefits, complexities, and cost structures. Some are best suited for large companies and others are better for sole proprietors.

However, you match up, we can help you design, implement, and manage a plan that will help you and your business optimize your accumulation, growth and tax deductions. What does that mean to you and your employees? Peace of mind. Take the edge of the future by properly planning now.

Personal financial planning strategies for key employees

Another way to take care of your employees is to provide the opportunity for them to counsel with one of our financial planners to help map out a roadmap to help them achieve their financial goals.

Tax Reduction Planning

  • Complimentary consultation with your tax preparer
  • Review of your tax situation and planning each year, to include any tax law changes
  • Recommendation of tax solutions including tax advantaged investments

Exit Strategies

Building a successful business is no easy thing. Most who try fail. But you’ve defied the odds and through a clear vision, blood, sweat and tears, you’ve succeeded. So, once you’ve built it, how do you leave it on your terms? Again, we can help. We excel in helping successful business owners put together exit strategies so they can leave their business in style. We partner with tax advisors, and legal advisors to collaborate and design business succession strategies to protect business interests in the most cost- and tax-efficient manner in the event of your and other owners’ retirement or, premature death or disability.

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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck