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Investment Management Services

Our investment philosophy is simple: Maximize your return while minimizing your risk. We do this by combining the time-tested science of capital markets, exhaustive research and knowledge of your individual financial situation to build the right portfolio for you.

Tailored Portfolios

Through a thorough interview, we develop a clear understanding of your profile and consider the factors unique to you, such as:

  • Risk tolerance
  • Investment objectives
  • Amount of time before you will need to spend funds
  • How much portfolio income you require
  • Your current and future tax brackets

Manage Risk

Effective money managers don’t get caught in the trap of chasing returns. They manage risk. Drawing on the science of Asset Allocation and state-of-the-art technology, we develop an efficient allocation to help find the optimal balance between a comfortable risk level and growth potential.

World Class Investments

After we identify an efficient asset allocation for you, we select specific investments for your portfolio. Our clients have access to thousands of mutual funds, subaccounts, ETFs, separate account money managers, and every publicly traded security; however, we continually filter these through our in-depth research to narrow these down to those we feel will give our clients the best opportunity for optimized growth. Our selection process focuses on:

Mutual Funds, Subaccounts and Separately Managed Accounts: We target fundamentally sound mutual funds, subaccounts and separately managed accounts that produce solid, sustainable performance over time.

Individual Equity Securities: We seek out leading industries and companies offering opportunities for long-term growth and dividends, as well as cyclical companies, turnarounds and value situations.

Fixed-Income Securities: We focus on income and capital appreciation, supported by active portfolio management within a long-term framework.

Ongoing Management

The initial allocation of your investments is only the beginning. Our team continually monitors your portfolio and makes adjustments as needed.

Rebalancing: Because asset classes perform differently, we rebalance your portfolio to make sure your asset allocation stays where you want it. Before making adjustments, we review:

  • Individual profile
  • Current economic conditions
  • Potential tax consequences

Repositioning: From time-to-time, the characteristics of a security change and it no longer meets our criteria. If you hold that security, an individual analysis of your portfolio is triggered, allowing us to reposition your investments.

Focus on Asset Allocation: Over the years, your investment profile changes as your life changes. We adjust your asset allocation to align with your evolving needs and objectives, as well as with changing economic conditions and market trends and opportunities.

Analyzing Tax Implications: Taxes can affect the return of a portfolio on many levels. We screen funds and stocks for tax issues before buying or selling. We also try to offset gains and losses as much as possible to minimize your potential tax liability.

Retirement Income Strategies: One of the biggest risks during retirement is spending down retirement assets too quickly. To protect against this, we employ effective vehicles and strategies hedges against this risk and guarantee lifetime income, keep pace with inflation, and create additional layers of predictability throughout retirement.

Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck
Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck